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shareholder disputes

  • How Shareholder Derivative Suits Fight Corporate Misconduct

    Individual and institutional shareholders have the ability to take legal action on behalf of a corporation to protect it against harm. In a shareholder derivative action, these shareholders typically bring suits against insiders of the company, such as executives, officers, board ... Read Article
  • Squeeze-outs and Freeze-outs in a Closely Held Business

    Forms of Minority Shareholder Oppression in Texas Because of the nature of the business structure in a closely held corporation, it’s not uncommon for conflict to arise between owners, often leading to oppression of minority shareholders . A closely held company is typically ... Read Article
  • My Business Partner is Stealing, What Now?

    A business partner can have different relative meanings, with the most frequent being two or more persons who play a significant role together owning, managing, or creating a company. Another form of a business partnership is two entities or businesses that cooperate together ... Read Article
  • Shareholder Disputes

    In closely held corporations, shareholders play a vital role in making business decisions. However, individuals don’t always see eye to eye and disagreements about the direction of a company, its financial obligations, or the treatment of stakeholders are not uncommon. Ideally, ... Read Article
  • Your Rights and Remedies as a Minority Shareholder (Worry Not: You Have Plenty)

    The Supreme Court of Texas has made it much more difficult for minority shareholders to sue majority shareholders for oppression. In the 2014 case of Ritchie v. Rupe, the Court declined to recognize the common law cause of action for shareholder oppression. This severely ... Read Article
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