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retirement accounts

  • What happens to my retirement in divorce?

    One of the most important decisions in a divorce is the division of marital assets. This blog talks about one of the most significant assets: retirement benefits . Regardless of whether the parties agree on the division of assets and benefits, there are specific laws that must be ... Read Article
  • In a Divorce, Don't Forget to Consider the Retirement and Pension!

    Did you know, equity earned over the course of a marriage in a pension fund, 401k savings account, or IRA is subject to division upon divorce ? Aside from real-estate, pensions and retirement plans are often the largest asset in a marriage. These assets present unique challenges ... Read Article
  • Are You Entitled to Your Ex's Pension Post-Divorce?

    This is a common issue. In practical terms, funds held in retirement accounts and pensions aren't generally disbursed immediately upon divorce . The tax penalty for early withdrawals on a 401(k) is one reason. Another is that pensions usually don't pay out until your ex retires ... Read Article
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