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premarital agreement

  • Reasons Why You Should Consider a Texas Prenup

    Mention a “ prenup ” and many engaged couples recoil. After all, entering into a marriage is all about trust, right? But think about it. Would you enter into any decision that affects you for the rest of your life without taking the measures available that protect you should the ... Read Article
  • Texas Postmarital or Postnuptial Agreements

    Getting married is exciting! Talking about finances and the possibility of separation is not so exciting. But the truth is, everybody has some property or family law matter worth addressing and protecting. Regardless if you’ve been married for 6 months or 6 years, if you didn’t ... Read Article
  • Do Premarital Agreements Really Work?

    There are many different views of prenuptial agreements. Some see it as a sign that one spouse doesn't trust another. It can also be seen as anticipating divorce. However, having a properly drafted premarital agreement can provide peace of mind for both spouses if drafted ... Read Article
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