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  • Qui Tam Lawsuits and Violations of the Federal False Claims Act

    From its earliest beginnings, the False Claims Act (FCA) has been a valuable resource in uncovering fraud against the federal government. In fiscal year 2010, the FBI estimated that health care fraud cost American tax payers over $80 billion a year. Of that amount, $2.5 billion ... Read Article
  • Cigna Vs. Humble - Impact on Balance Billing and OON Providers

    In Cigna vs. Humble, the health insurance company Cigna sued Humble Surgical Hospital LLC for improper billing practices in an attempt to recover $5 million in alleged overpayments made to the physician-owned hospital. In a landmark decision, Senior U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. ... Read Article
  • A Quick Guide to Physician Non-Compete Agreements

    A properly drafted covenant not to compete is a necessity for physicians and medical practices. In this post, you will learn about the specific requirements for these types of non-compete agreements in Texas. Texas law allows physicians and medical practices to enter into ... Read Article
  • Should a Physician Be Held to a Non-Compete?

    A medical practice has a legitimate business interest in ensuring its physicians do not leave and set up competing practices in the same service area. On the other hand, an individual physician might not want to be bound by an overly restrictive covenant not to compete. As it ... Read Article
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