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  • A Quick Guide on Common Partnership Disputes

    When you start a business, there are many decisions to make including the legal structure. The way that you structure the business is important, as it has a direct influence on liability, taxes, and many other legal details that are not always obvious. Often, businesses are not ... Read Article
  • My Business Partner is Stealing, What Now?

    A business partner can have different relative meanings, with the most frequent being two or more persons who play a significant role together owning, managing, or creating a company. Another form of a business partnership is two entities or businesses that cooperate together ... Read Article
  • What Are Your Options When Working with an Inactive Business Partner?

    Upon entering into a business partnership, most people don't focus on what could go wrong between partners or shareholders. With the trust that is instilled in a business relationship, it is hard to imagine that problems may arise years from the establishment of a business. One ... Read Article
  • Could a Business Partner's Divorce Derail Your Company?

    There are many benefits of going into business with partners, but there are also a few drawbacks. Namely, did you know that if your partner's marriage ends, your business could wind up on the rocks as well? Marital property is divided equitably during a divorce, which can include ... Read Article
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