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non-compete litigation

  • Executive Non-Compete Agreements

    Establishing carefully crafted agreements at the onset of an employment relationship is critical to protecting a company, the information, and the clientele that makes it unique. Among these agreements are non-competes, also called covenants not to compete which are agreements ... Read Article
  • When Your New Employee Knows Too Much

    Businesses have the right to protect the critical investments, information, and technology that powers their success. While employees are certainly a valuable asset, the knowledge they have about a business and its inner workings can comprise the very foundation of a business. As ... Read Article
  • Additional Requirements for Physician Non-Competes

    Physician non-compete agreements , or a restrictive covenant clause, protect healthcare organizations and the rights of individual practitioners at the same time. Non-competes allow hospitals and offices to safely invest in new doctors and specialists, while practitioners receive ... Read Article
  • Understanding The Importance of Non-Competes

    Non-compete clauses (also known as “covenants not to compete”) are clauses in employment contracts that stipulate how or when an employee can conduct business after leaving an employer. The purpose of non-competes is to protect a business’ “goodwill,” or the value of a business ... Read Article
  • Non-Compete Agreement Enforcement

    In Texas, non-compete agreements (also known as restrictive covenants or covenants not to compete) are contracts which lay the groundwork for managing conflicting employee-business interests. Professionals want the freedom to grow their careers while companies have a need to ... Read Article
  • Should a Physician Be Held to a Non-Compete?

    A medical practice has a legitimate business interest in ensuring its physicians do not leave and set up competing practices in the same service area. On the other hand, an individual physician might not want to be bound by an overly restrictive covenant not to compete. As it ... Read Article
  • Is This Non-Compete Enforceable?

    Is this non-compete enforceable? The enforcement of non-compete agreements depends upon numerous factors. A non-compete will be subject to strict scrutiny by the Courts when an Employer seeks to enforce the non-compete. The agreement must be carefully drafted, and the Employer ... Read Article
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