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Medicaid and Medicare fraud

  • What is involved in a healthcare fraud investigation?

    It’s no secret that the medical industry is highly regulated and scrutinized. Because healthcare fraud costs the government and taxpayers billions of dollars every year, the federal government as well as the Texas State Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of ... Read Article
  • The World of the Over-Regulated Physician: Too Little Time to Treat the Patient

    Fact: The government can subject your medical practice to an investigation, even though the idea of your having committed healthcare fraud is laughable. Fact: There are innocent doctors and other healthcare providers who are increasingly finding themselves targets of government ... Read Article
  • Medicaid/Medicare Fraud and Dental Practices

    If you are a dentist or manage dental clinics in Texas, you are very likely aware of the increase in governmental regulation in the form of Medicaid/Medicare fraud prevention. In 2013, David Heath for the Center for Public Integrity wrote: "Texas has been embroiled in a Medicaid ... Read Article
  • What to Expect When the AG/OIG Shows Up at Your Door

    If you're dodging the OIG, the theory goes, there's a reason. In other words, if you have a request for information (like a subpoena) and you ignore it, the government is only going to make it worse. What does worse look like? More sanctions, more expense to you and your ... Read Article
  • RAC audits returned more than $3 billion in overpayments last year

    The Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program is big business for the federal government. According to the health care industry publication Modern Healthcare, RAC auditors collected more than $3 billion in 2013. According to Modern Healthcare , recovery auditors identified $3.75 ... Read Article
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