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high asset divorce

  • How farms and ranches can complicate a divorce

    In Texas, farms and ranches are usually owned by families, partnerships or family-held corporations and owners often have deep economic and familial ties to their land. In fact, it is not uncommon for ownership to go back several generations, with entire families contributing to ... Read Article
  • Dividing Stock Options in a Texas Divorce

    When divorcing spouses own complex financial securities, the division of assets can be a major point of contention. While stock options are divided following the same basic path as other assets, their classification and valuation can be substantially more complex. Below, our blog ... Read Article
  • In a Divorce, Don't Forget to Consider the Retirement and Pension!

    Did you know, equity earned over the course of a marriage in a pension fund, 401k savings account, or IRA is subject to division upon divorce ? Aside from real-estate, pensions and retirement plans are often the largest asset in a marriage. These assets present unique challenges ... Read Article
  • When a Texas Divorce Involves Unique Assets

    If your divorce involves complicated or unique assets, then you should only trust a family law firm that has experience handling a case like yours. At Hendershot, Cannon, Martin & Hisey, P.C., we understand how high the stakes are in your case, and we will work with you to reach ... Read Article
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