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Divorce process

  • Overview of the Divorce process from Beginning to End

    Need a divorce? Going through a divorce in Texas can be extremely stressful - especially if the circumstances between you and your spouse are less than favorable. In the majority of cases, trial can be avoided through alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation, ... Read Article
  • Does My Spouse Have Rights to My Professional Practice?

    In divorce cases involving professional practices, property division can become one of the most challenging aspects. If you are considering divorce and have a professional practice, you need to be aware that there are added complexities in valuing and dividing professional assets ... Read Article
  • The Texas Divorce Path Online Experience

    Introducing the Texas Divorce Path Website When a marriage ends, there are several different paths or options divorcing spouses can take. To help navigate through the divorce process, our law firm, Hendershot Cannon Martin & Hisey, P.C. , introduces the Texas Divorce Path which ... Read Article
  • What happens to my retirement in divorce?

    One of the most important decisions in a divorce is the division of marital assets. This blog talks about one of the most significant assets: retirement benefits . Regardless of whether the parties agree on the division of assets and benefits, there are specific laws that must be ... Read Article
  • Military Divorce in Texas: What You Need to Know

    The demands of deployment, relocation, and military life can place considerable strain on marriages, which is why divorce is not uncommon among members of the armed forces. Unlike civilian divorce, however, military divorce introduces unique and often challenging issues that must ... Read Article
  • Divorce and Splitting Assets: What You Need To Know

    One of the more complex aspects of any divorce is the division of assets and liabilities. The procedures involved in dividing property and assets is much more than a simple "this is mine" and "that is yours." In order to ensure an equitable distribution, Texas has certain laws ... Read Article
  • Can I Get My Spouse to Pay my Divorce Attorney Fees?

    Divorce can be expensive. All too often stay-at-home moms, or spouses who have a partner that controls the finances, feel trapped. Have you been asking yourself, "Is it possible to get an award for attorney's fees from my spouse?" The answer to this question isn’t as simple as a ... Read Article
  • Texas Divorce FAQ

    Frequent Texas Divorce questions answered. How much will divorce cost? It’s difficult to predict the cost of a divorce . A lot of factors come into play such as the divorce being a contested divorce or uncontested divorce , complexity of property division, child custody and ... Read Article
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