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divorce and finances

  • Does My Spouse Have Rights to My Professional Practice?

    In divorce cases involving professional practices, property division can become one of the most challenging aspects. If you are considering divorce and have a professional practice, you need to be aware that there are added complexities in valuing and dividing professional assets ... Read Article
  • What happens to my retirement in divorce?

    One of the most important decisions in a divorce is the division of marital assets. This blog talks about one of the most significant assets: retirement benefits . Regardless of whether the parties agree on the division of assets and benefits, there are specific laws that must be ... Read Article
  • Military Divorce in Texas: What You Need to Know

    The demands of deployment, relocation, and military life can place considerable strain on marriages, which is why divorce is not uncommon among members of the armed forces. Unlike civilian divorce, however, military divorce introduces unique and often challenging issues that must ... Read Article
  • Divorce and Splitting Assets: What You Need To Know

    One of the more complex aspects of any divorce is the division of assets and liabilities. The procedures involved in dividing property and assets is much more than a simple "this is mine" and "that is yours." In order to ensure an equitable distribution, Texas has certain laws ... Read Article
  • Texas Postmarital or Postnuptial Agreements

    Getting married is exciting! Talking about finances and the possibility of separation is not so exciting. But the truth is, everybody has some property or family law matter worth addressing and protecting. Regardless if you’ve been married for 6 months or 6 years, if you didn’t ... Read Article
  • How will a divorce impact my business?

    How will a divorce impact my business? If your marriage has come to an end, this question may be keeping you up at night. For business owners, a divorce can put the culmination of years or decades of work on the line. The most appropriate course of action is not always clear and ... Read Article
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and how it applies in a divorce

    Fiduciary agreements exist across various types of personal and professional relationships. In the context of family law and marriage, “fiduciary” denotes the responsibility of spouses to act in one another’s interests, financially speaking. A spouse has a duty in equity and in ... Read Article
  • Factors That can cause a Disproportionate Award in a Divorce

    In short, disproportionate in the context of property division in divorce, means being out of proportion or other than equal. So how can a disproportionate award affect your divorce? The State of Texas is a community property state. Texas outlines community property as all ... Read Article
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