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complex property division

  • Breach of fiduciary duty and how it applies in a divorce

    Fiduciary agreements exist across various types of personal and professional relationships. In the context of family law and marriage, “fiduciary” denotes the responsibility of spouses to act in one another’s interests, financially speaking. A spouse has a duty in equity and in ... Read Article
  • How farms and ranches can complicate a divorce

    In Texas, farms and ranches are usually owned by families, partnerships or family-held corporations and owners often have deep economic and familial ties to their land. In fact, it is not uncommon for ownership to go back several generations, with entire families contributing to ... Read Article
  • Factors That can cause a Disproportionate Award in a Divorce

    In short, disproportionate in the context of property division in divorce, means being out of proportion or other than equal. So how can a disproportionate award affect your divorce? The State of Texas is a community property state. Texas outlines community property as all ... Read Article
  • Who Gets the Private Jet After Divorce? (And Other Unique Assets)

    There are multiple methods of "dividing" unique assets , some of which will not require you to give up what you want to keep. The key is properly valuing these assets and dividing other property in a way that accounts for the value. To take a private jet as an example, divorce ... Read Article
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