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Business Litigation

  • Trademark Litigation: Defending Against Infringement Claims

    Trademarks are recognizable designs, words, or combinations that identify a unique brand, product, or service. When holders of a registered trademark allege infringement, they pursue civil lawsuits in federal court, rather than with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In ... Read Article
  • What can be done when a third party unlawfully interferes with your business contracts or relationships?

    Texas Tortious Interference Claims Competition in business can get fierce. When an individual or business unethically takes competition too far and unlawfully interferes with your business to damage it or prevent contract obligations as promised , this is considered tortious ... Read Article
  • What Shareholders, Partners and Members Can Do to Help Avoid a Business Dispute

    Even in the best of circumstances, conflict can occur between shareholders, business partners or members in an LLC, and sometimes these partnerships or relationships will need to come to an end. The best way to avoid a business dispute in Texas, is to prevent one from the outset ... Read Article
  • Take a Stand Against Business Fraud - How Our Law Firm Helps

    Businesses of all types face inherent risks of financial loss due to fraud. Often, those risks come from within an organization and involve its own employees . As statistics show, an overwhelming percentage of fraudulent activity can be traced to a company’s employees, including ... Read Article
  • 5 Things Your Startup Needs to Know about Intellectual Property to Avoid Litigation

    Most startups are born from an idea, an invention, or some other creation from the minds of the company principals. These creations, while not necessarily concrete, are the property of the startup and they are legally protected. Known as intellectual property , companies are not ... Read Article
  • Squeeze-outs and Freeze-outs in a Closely Held Business

    Forms of Minority Shareholder Oppression in Texas Because of the nature of the business structure in a closely held corporation, it’s not uncommon for conflict to arise between owners, often leading to oppression of minority shareholders . A closely held company is typically ... Read Article
  • A Quick Guide on Common Partnership Disputes

    When you start a business, there are many decisions to make including the legal structure. The way that you structure the business is important, as it has a direct influence on liability, taxes, and many other legal details that are not always obvious. Often, businesses are not ... Read Article
  • My Business Partner is Stealing, What Now?

    A business partner can have different relative meanings, with the most frequent being two or more persons who play a significant role together owning, managing, or creating a company. Another form of a business partnership is two entities or businesses that cooperate together ... Read Article
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