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  • When is Adoption Final?

    In Texas, adoption is complete after the final hearing. This final hearing is the last step in the Texas adoption process - the point when your new child officially, permanently, and legally becomes part of your family. In short, finalization is the next step in the adoption ... Read Article
  • Houston Stepparent & Second Parent Adoption Guide

    “You May not have my eyes or smile, but from that very first moment you had my heart” Adopting a child and giving them a loving home is one of the most selfless and rewarding things individuals and couples can do. Because families come in all shapes and sizes, adoption can serve ... Read Article
  • Termination of Parental Rights in Adoption

    The adoption process is very detailed and must follow certain steps precisely in order to be successful. One of the most important parts of the adoption process is the termination of parental rights of the birth parents. This requirement must be completed before the adoptive ... Read Article
  • Intrastate Adoption vs. Interstate Adoption

    Adopting a child can be one of the happiest times for a family - but it's important that the adoption be done correctly. This will protect both the child and the child's new family. To that end, it's also important to have an attorney who is well seasoned in the adoption process ... Read Article
  • What is open adoption?

    In previous decades, adoption was often shrouded in secrecy. Birth mothers often did not know who was adopting their children , and the adoptive parents and children in turn usually had no contact with birth mothers. That's not the case today. Although closed adoptions do still ... Read Article
  • How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?

    If you are adopting a child in Texas , you are entering an exciting time in your life. It's also a time when you will be involved with a complex and lengthy legal process . Once you have begun working with an adoption attorney, you should expect to wait at least six months before ... Read Article
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