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shareholder agreements

  • How to Mitigate the "Business Divorce": Getting the Right Shareholder Agreement in Place

    As the great Depeche Mode always said, "people are people..." - everyone is predestined to make a mistake or have an emotion or strong opinion. When it comes to people going into business with others, these same human elements will always exist. That is why no one should go into ... Read Article
  • Agreements New Businesses Should Consider

    Having detailed agreements in place when establishing a small business can protect your interests when unforeseen events cause dilemmas. This is especially important when working with a business partner, whether you possess equal shares of the company or not. Non-Compete ... Read Article
  • What Are Your Options When Working with an Inactive Business Partner?

    Upon entering into a business partnership, most people don't focus on what could go wrong between partners or shareholders. With the trust that is instilled in a business relationship, it is hard to imagine that problems may arise years from the establishment of a business. One ... Read Article
  • Why Having a Shareholder Agreement is Good for Business

    If there's one constant, it's change. And you've heard that before. If you're a partner or shareholder in a business, you will likely find that change is inevitable. Perhaps the time comes when you can no longer do business together with your other partners, or that your goals ... Read Article
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