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divorce and finances

  • Texas Postmarital or Postnuptial Agreements

    Getting married is exciting! Talking about finances and the possibility of separation is not so exciting. But the truth is, everybody has some property or family law matter worth addressing and protecting. Regardless if you’ve been married for 6 months or 6 years, if you didn’t ... Read Article
  • How will a divorce impact my business?

    How will a divorce impact my business? If your marriage has come to an end, this question may be keeping you up at night. For business owners, a divorce can put the culmination of years or decades of work on the line. The most appropriate course of action is not always clear and ... Read Article
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and how it applies in a divorce

    Fiduciary agreements exist across various types of personal and professional relationships. In the context of family law and marriage, “fiduciary” denotes the responsibility of spouses to act in one another’s interests, financially speaking. A spouse has a duty in equity and in ... Read Article
  • Factors That can cause a Disproportionate Award in a Divorce

    In short, disproportionate in the context of property division in divorce, means being out of proportion or other than equal. So how can a disproportionate award affect your divorce? The State of Texas is a community property state. Texas outlines community property as all ... Read Article
  • Dividing Stock Options in a Texas Divorce

    When divorcing spouses own complex financial securities, the division of assets can be a major point of contention. While stock options are divided following the same basic path as other assets, their classification and valuation can be substantially more complex. Below, our blog ... Read Article
  • In a Divorce, Don’t Forget to Consider the Retirement and Pension!

    Did you know, equity earned over the course of a marriage in a pension fund, 401k savings account, or IRA is subject to division upon divorce ? Aside from real-estate, pensions and retirement plans are often the largest asset in a marriage. These assets present unique challenges ... Read Article
  • How Hard Will This Divorce Be On My Finances?

    A Quick Guide to a Solid Financial Footing Post-Divorce The easy - but tough - answer is that divorce will be hard on your finances. Divorce is change, and any change like this will change how you've been managing your money. From those with modest income to the wealthy, it is a ... Read Article
  • Characterization of Workers' Compensation and Disability Payments During Divorce

    In 2005, the Texas Legislature enacted Texas Family Code § 3.008 to address the characterization of casualty insurance payments, workers' compensation payments, and disability payments. Prior to the enactment of § 3.008, the proper characterization of these types of payments ... Read Article
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