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child custody

  • Understanding Paternity Rights for Men

    There are many hazy details when it comes to co-parenting, but we at Hendershot, Cannon, Martin, and Hisey, P.C. want you to know and understand your rights as a father. A father's role is a very important aspect in a child's life, and presence is something worth fighting for. ... Read Article
  • Can a Child Choose Which Parent To Live With In Texas?

    Yes and no. On the one hand, §153.008 of The Texas Family Code allows children to voice their preferences regarding child custody. However, this preference is simply evidence; a judge can still choose to give primary physical custody to the other parent. What The Texas Family ... Read Article
  • Common things to avoid in a Texas child custody battle.

    Just because you’re battling for child custody does not mean you should battle with your Ex. Not all parents are able to come to a child custody agreement on their own – collaboratively or through mediation . During these difficult times, one parent or both may act or react ... Read Article
  • Understanding Summer Possessions under Texas Standard Possession Orders

    Spring has sprung and April is coming close to an end. For separated parents following the Texas standard possession order, April is a significant month. April 1st and April 15th are the dates by which one parent must give the other parent notice of their summer plans in regards ... Read Article
  • Texas Child Custody FAQ

    Whether you are unmarried parents or married and going through a divorce , if there are minor children involved, then it’s highly encouraged that both parents seek a child custody or visitation order, whether by agreement or using Court intervention. In this blog, we’ve put ... Read Article
  • Creating Custody Schedules for Children Younger Than 3

    Custody issues become increasingly complex when they involve young children. During the formative early years of life, a child should build a bond with both mother and father, and child custody arrangements should reflect this fact. Custody and care giving for young children is ... Read Article
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