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  • Texas Amends Uniform Trade Secrets Act

    In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 1995, legislation that amends the four-year old Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (TUTSA) and more closely aligns it with its federal equivalent, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA). It also codifies a 2016 Texas Supreme Court ... Read Article
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Explained

    Trade secrets are vital to a business’ success, which is why it becomes critical to protect information, customer lists, contract terms, designs, processes, and formulas that have value for competitors who do not know or use them. It is also important to protect trade secrets in ... Read Article
  • How to Win a Breach of Contract Case

    Contracts are supposed to be binding, legally enforceable agreements between businesses, and they are supposed to provide both parties with rights should any contractual obligation be breached. If you own a business, your contractual agreements are critical to your success – and ... Read Article
  • Mistakes Companies Make in Mergers and Acquisitions and How to Avoid Them

    Mergers and acquisitions in every industry is a fact of life. In 2015, 3.8 trillion was spent in mergers and acquisitions , surpassing the previous record of 1.3 trillion in 2007. Reasons businesses merge or acquire with another business may include expansion in a region or ... Read Article
  • Understanding The Importance of Non-Competes

    Non-compete clauses (also known as “covenants not to compete”) are clauses in employment contracts that stipulate how or when an employee can conduct business after leaving an employer. The purpose of non-competes is to protect a business’ “goodwill,” or the value of a business ... Read Article
  • Non-Compete Agreement Enforcement

    In Texas, non-compete agreements (also known as restrictive covenants or covenants not to compete) are contracts which lay the groundwork for managing conflicting employee-business interests. Professionals want the freedom to grow their careers while companies have a need to ... Read Article
  • 5 Ways to Protect & Police Your Trade Secrets

    In an information economy, the primary things that bring value to your company, equipment, holdings, and capabilities are trade secrets . Unlike patents or trademarks, trade secrets do not require public disclosure—on the other hand, losing such information to a competitor (or ... Read Article
  • U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Patent Troll Case that could end venue selection in Eastern Texas Courts

    Courts in the Eastern District of Texas are often sought out by companies looking to file lawsuits for patent infringement. In fact, nearly half of all patent suits filed in the United States are heard in the Eastern District of Texas. However, an upcoming Supreme Court case ... Read Article
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