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  • Ways to Proactively Protect Your Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

    Intellectual property protection is vital to maintaining safeguards and secrecy for your most valuable business assets. IP can consist of many different parts, from logos and corporate identity to products, processes and client lists. Because the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act ... Read Article
  • How Our Texas Law Firm Protects and Defends Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

    Intellectual property is among a company’s most important asset, and protecting key information or inventions that have value to others who don’t use them is critical to a business’ success. As a renowned Houston business law firm adept in counseling and representing a range of ... Read Article
  • Breach of Contract Examples

    Contracts are created to establish the responsibilities and expectations of parties that choose to engage in business transactions with one another, whether they involve business to business transactions, construction or licensing agreements, or the employee – employer ... Read Article
  • Understanding OSHA Citations, Violation Classifications, and Fines

    As an established authority on OSHA defense law , our legal team at Hendershot, Cannon, Martin & Hisey, P.C. routinely counsels and represents businesses on issues involving compliance with workplace safety and health standards. This includes defending clients against citations ... Read Article
  • When Your New Employee Knows Too Much

    Businesses have the right to protect the critical investments, information, and technology that powers their success. While employees are certainly a valuable asset, the knowledge they have about a business and its inner workings can comprise the very foundation of a business. As ... Read Article
  • Texas Amends Uniform Trade Secrets Act

    In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 1995, legislation that amends the four-year old Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (TUTSA) and more closely aligns it with its federal equivalent, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA). It also codifies a 2016 Texas Supreme Court ... Read Article
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Explained

    Trade secrets are vital to a business’ success, which is why it becomes critical to protect information, customer lists, contract terms, designs, processes, and formulas that have value for competitors who do not know or use them. It is also important to protect trade secrets in ... Read Article
  • How to Win a Breach of Contract Case

    Contracts are supposed to be binding, legally enforceable agreements between businesses, and they are supposed to provide both parties with rights should any contractual obligation be breached. If you own a business, your contractual agreements are critical to your success – and ... Read Article
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