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  • What is involved in a healthcare fraud investigation?

    It’s no secret that the medical industry is highly regulated and scrutinized. Because healthcare fraud costs the government and taxpayers billions of dollars every year, the federal government as well as the Texas State Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of ... Read Article
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and how it applies in a divorce

    Fiduciary agreements exist across various types of personal and professional relationships. In the context of family law and marriage, “fiduciary” denotes the responsibility of spouses to act in one another’s interests, financially speaking. A spouse has a duty in equity and in ... Read Article
  • Life After Divorce: Post Divorce Maintenance, Spousal Support and Alimony

    When a long-term marriage ends, questions arise on how the event will impact overall lifestyle during and after a divorce. The premise of alimony or “spousal support” is to reduce unfair economic effects of a divorce by providing continued income to a nonworking spouse to meet ... Read Article